Campus Program

Do you want to start a socio-environmental movement at your campus that could also reward you in academics and career?

At Earth5R we focus on being a catalyst for social innovations and helping communities become sustainable. We believe social entrepreneurship is key to communal empowerment and effectuating changes that are sustainable, and campus is a great place to start.

We draw global students from diverse cultures to the movement in order to make sure we have a comprehensive view of each problem so that we may build solutions that are inclusionary, innovative and sustainable. This also provides an opportunity to the students where they learn about new geographical territory, communities and different challenges that are unique to development programs.

In the process they develop creative problem-solving skills which give them the ability to effectuate social changes. Our volunteers and interns have told us that the satisfaction achieved by using their education to enhance lives of other people is the biggest motivator for participating in these projects. Everyone working at Earth5R is connected with some story of change they are building. We think it’s the time we elevate the conversation around social equality, environmental issues with good stories that tell

Students can work with us as volunteers or interns. They are assigned a Project Leader who guides them through the process. To communicate with them we use in person meetings, Skype, Google hangout and other IT tools. We also use a dashboard to monitor and evaluate their project work and learning outcomes. They can do online work as well as offline work at community level in local areas. Students receive a certificate and an experience letter upon successful completion of the program.

To start an Earth5R program at your campus write to or call +91 99200 45587

How to Start?

The first step is to complete our short online form to tell us about your campus project plan. We will then be in touch to help you take it forward.