Course in Environmental Sustainability

The online course in Environmental Sustainability addresses the growing demand for programs that focus on the fundamental issues related to sustainability and the environment.

You can help to make a real difference in the world with an environmental qualification from Earth5R Institute of Social & Environmental Sustainability. This program will give you a broad knowledge of Environmental issues, and you will develop problem-solving with real time projects and research work.

We think you will find this Program a bonfire of hope during the very challenging environmental problems that face humanity.


Environmental Sustainability certificate program will focus on:

  1. Preservation of Biodiversity
  2. Regenerative Capacity of renewable resource
  3. Three pillars of sustainability: Economic Development, Social Development, and Environmental Protection- How they interconnect. Triple bottom line in Business
  4. Design for reusability, recyclability, and low environmental impact
  5. Shifting the focus from Eco-Efficiency to Eco-Effectiveness
  6. The implications of human activities on the environment
  7. The five Rs of Environmental Sustainability- New Urban Values
  8. From Cradle-to-Grave to Cradle-to-Cradle
  9. Circular Economy for Environmental Sustainability
  10. Environmental Toxins in Household, Offices, and other public spaces.
  11. Cancer and Environmental factors
  12. Problem-solving and innovative approaches to Environmental Sustainability
  13. Local Sustainability- Using local materials to develop profitable local enterprises
  14. Environmental Sustainability practices in (Your country)
  15. Renewable Energy- Diverse and renewing energy flows
  16. Sustainable Agriculture- Permaculture, Agroforestry, Mixed Farming, Multiple Cropping, Crop Rotation, Organic farming, and Fair trading.

Duration: 3 Months

Fee for the whole course: Rs. 36,000 /US$ 600

To register yourself to the program email to or call/WhatsApp on +91 99200 44487

To register yourself to the program email to or call/WhatsApp on +91 99200 44487

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