Course in Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship is the attempt to draw upon business techniques to find solutions to social problems. Social Entrepreneurship is a fast-growing transformation around the world now.

By developing and deploying sustainable solutions to pressing social problems, social entrepreneurs improve our communities.

The Certificate program in Social Entrepreneurship by Earth5R brings our strength as social change makers to this ever changing field. You will experience a business education geared to the unique aspects of social impact. This program takes excellence in business thinking and applies it to the social development space.

The three-month program combines cutting-edge curriculum, hands-on research work and real time community work which is the core strength of Earth5R.

It focuses on the business skills and community engagement that will help you develop a strong foundation.

  • Applying system thinking to social issues
  • Defining value proposition
  • Examples of unsustainable solutions
  • Agenda for Sustainable Development- The 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • Sustainability at the bottom of pyramid
  • Designing sustainable solutions and Forming an Action Plan
  • Shifting from production orientation to a market orientation.
  • Case studies- Social entrepreneurs and their Social enterprises
  • Developing a social enterprise business plan
  • Building a team
  • Organizational & Community Communication- How to share the vision
  • Financing social ventures
  • Measuring social, environmental, and economic impacts
  • Common challenges
  • Scaling change
  • Developing and implementing Social Innovations

Duration: 3 Months

Fee for the whole course: Rs. 36,000 /US$ 600

To register yourself to the program email to or call/WhatsApp on +91 99200 44487

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