“You can't make footprints in the sands of time by sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave buttprints in the sands of time?” - Bob Moawad

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions and their answers.

Other Common Questions
Is Earth5R an NGO?

No, we are not an NGO. We are a Social Entreprise, a profit-for-purpose venture.

What is the organisational model at Earth5R?

We have a very unique organisational model. The whole organisation Earth5R is run by volunteers and interns. This includes the Management team, the Core team and the Project teams.

Can I start a new Project at Earth5R?

Some of our projects were initiated by our Volunteer Environmentalists and Environmental Interns. You can start off with any of the existing projects. Once you have set up your successful track record, you can suggest a new project to the management. Depending on its feasibility, the project can be launched by Earth5R.

Internship & Volunteering

International Applicants: You can directly email your Volunteering request or Whatsapp +919920045587

Applicants residing in India: 

The work at Earth5R includes hanging out in slums, working with marginalised communities- many people find it challenging because they are not used to. If you can read this on your screen, you are privileged and it needs a stretch of the mind to understand the challenges people face at the bottom of the pyramid. 

It’s important to realise that lofty ideals are not enough. Wanting to do good is one thing. Actually doing good is another. When we hold ourselves to lesser performance standards, it disrespects the impoverished, the marginalised communities and the people whom we seek to help and empower.

You bring your passion and the cause. Earth5R provides the actionable tools to get you started and step up your game. We are about doing stuff. It’s about practising what we preach.

There are various reasons why people apply to Earth5R.

A lot of people apply because they are believers in humanity, and they genuinely want to be part of the change they wish to see in the world.

Then few others apply for following reasons, and we hope you are none of those:

  1. Just need multiple certificates to build up the resume.
  2. Working with UNESCO recognised organisation helps admission to International Universities.
  3. Short-term learning.
  4. #bored, #dead, #blessed, #excited, #me, #swag.
  5. Umm.. (they aren’t sure of anything).

These people get bored easily, lose motivation soon, get satisfied with a little performance, don’t get enough learning, and bring disappointment to the cause that is build to change lives of marginalised communities.

Your personal values, how you perceive those you intend to serve and your personal motivation for helping the planet– that is, basically how well you know yourself – will have a powerful impact on your ability to bridge the gap between lofty talk and real work here. 

We don’t believe in the over-sold mythology about “teamwork.” We don’t give you any team. Here we help you become leaders, and real leaders develop their own communities, and they build their team that beats in sync with their heart!

We assume you are neither a policy ideologue nor a romantic naively idealising poverty and Facebook couch activist. Earth5R is for you, but – more importantly – for the impoverished, powerless and for the planet.

“Do it only if it’s super important to you, if it’s not, don’t waste your time because life is too short to do something that doesn’t include your emotional investment.”- Saurabh Gupta, Founder, Earth5R


We generally take very few best people (with best we mean those who are committed to the cause, empathetic towards marginalised communities, who can take criticism positively) on our program so the selection criteria is very stringent, good performance on the assigned task is crucial.

There is no certificate or any LOR for incomplete work. If you are very sure about your involvement and impact then definitely take it ahead.

We believe in ethics and highest standards of performance. It’s a moral responsibility of every privileged person to share their most important resources-  education and skills, with those who are at the bottom of the pyramid.

It will definitely require you to be the strong species here if you want to build a change that is sustainable. You are welcome if you think you are doing what is due and YOU ARE DOING IT FOR YOURSELF.


Earth5R offers three months of flexible educational internship for carrying out specific socio-environmental projects. Interns work, on an assigned project related with Social Entrepreneurship and Environmental Sustainability. 

The educational internship includes training, mentoring, outdoor and indoor tasks, submission of project report and performance reviews. Interns will be guided by their mentor/ team leader and will receive relevant study material throughout the internship.

Your major contributions would be via following activities: 

  1. Conducting Workshops- Visiting residential areas and building awareness under Green Citizens Project, conducting workshops on sustainable living- waste segregation, rainwater harvesting, solar energy, composting, and organic gardening.
  2. Grassroots activities– Training slum residents, the underprivileged section of the society and people with special needs and disabilities into green livelihood skills.
  3. Marketing- Advocating and marketing sustainable products and solutions for green living. 
  4. Researching- Researching, problem finding and building sustainable solutions to tackle local environmental issues. 
  5. Networking- Writing proposals, building presentations and conducting meetings with govt. authorities, local municipalities, educational institutions, companies and non-profit organisations to achieve the target of Zero Waste India 2018. 

The duration of the internship program is 8 hours per day for 3 months or 480 hours in total. 


International students, working professionals and Earth5R interns upon completion of educational internship can apply for volunteering at Earth5R.

Indian students can apply for Volunteering only if they have gone through an internship program at Earth5R. This is subjected to their performance as an intern. In the past 80% of the interns continued their stints at Earth5R as volunteers.

There is no maximum limit to the length of  Volunteering. Some of the best ones with long-term assignment become project partners at Earth5R and build their career within Earth5R.

Application & Joining Process

  1. Please have a thorough look at the website earth5r.org so you have a clear idea regarding the alignment of our work and your interests in Internship and Volunteering with us.
  2. Send your resume to us. The email address is available at the bottom of the page.
  3. Once you are shortlisted, you will have a telephonic discussion with the Project Coordinator.
  4. After the discussion, you will receive internship offer letter via email.
  5. Once your acceptance is received, you would be added to the global Whatsapp group of Earth5R and the latest intern batch in Whatsapp.
  6. Your details would be added to the Google Project Dashboard of Earth5R.
  7. You will get induction from your mentor and task would be given to you.

Your Key Takeaway

  1. During Internship, you will receive constant mentoring, training, and feedback from your mentor.  It includes mentoring on Social & Environmental Entrepreneurship, Research Skills, Leadership & Team Skills, Project Management, Marketing, and Outreach.
  2. Volunteers and Interns with outstanding performance get a profile page on Team Earth5R
  3. Members join the Whatsapp group of Earth5R, and respective Project Groups on Whatsapp, here they learn from the team and mentor through day-to-day interactions and project discussions.
  4. Interns and Volunteers join the Facebook Group of Earth5R where they share various types of information on Environment & Sustainability.
  5. Each person’s work is published on the website of Earth5R and becomes part of the documentary video that gets published in our  YouTube channel.
  6. Interns and Volunteers work is also posted on the Facebook Page of Earth5R, Twitter, Facebook Group and Instagram so they can share their work with the world.