Mula-Mutha River Cleanup at Pune by Earth5R

The Mula-Mutha river of Pune is one of the most polluted rivers in India. The amount of sewage and industrial pollutants dumped in the river are responsible for this. There is no separation of waste materials in residential areas. The industrial pollutants generated aren’t clarified or filtered before they’re thrown into the river resulting in a serious threat to its marine life.

The Mula-Mutha river has been gaining some attention lately only due to the fact that the colour of the water has drastically turned from blue to greyish black. The plastic that is thrown into the river forms a layer on the surface, sealing it and preventing its access to oxygen and sunlight. The river is home to a large number of migrating birds and other cattle. These animals and birds are the first to fall victim to the plastic intake.

Earth5R took initiative by cleaning up the banks of the Mula-Mutha river. The team that took this initiative forward was Shriyam Jalan, Madhavi Ninganur, Sonam Sengar and Saurabh Gupta. The project involved cleaning up the plastic that was thrown on the banks of the river which would otherwise form a layer on the river eventually. It took two hours to do a thorough cleanup of the banks of the river. Several huge garbage bags were filled with the trash collected by the team.

Mula-Mutha River Cleanup at Pune by Earth5R CSR

Shriyam Jalan and Sonam Sengar collect the plastic garbage on the banks of Mula-Mutha river, Pune.

Mula-Mutha River Cleanup at Pune by Earth5R CSRMula-Mutha River Cleanup at Pune by Earth5R CSRMula-Mutha River Cleanup at Pune by Earth5R CSRMula-Mutha River Cleanup at Pune by Earth5R CSR

Shriyam Jalan, Sonam Sengar, and Madhavi Ninganur clean up the entire river stretch at Deccan, Pune.

Mula-Mutha River Cleanup at Pune by Earth5R CSRMula-Mutha River Cleanup at Pune by Earth5R CSRMula-Mutha River Cleanup at Pune by Earth5R CSRMula-Mutha River Cleanup at Pune by Earth5R CSR

A hot summer day spent well by cleaning up the river banks in Pune.

The Earth5R team urges residents and citizens to make sure they keep the banks of the river clean because the river water is eventually supplied to them.  It’s our duty to protect and prevent the environment from being harmed especially due to our own activities.

– Report edited by K.Sumana Shriya

1 Reply to "Mula-Mutha River Cleanup at Pune by Earth5R"

  • Gerd Drexhage
    September 27, 2017 (11:02 pm)

    I am writing to you from Germany.

    I have been recently visiting Pune, where I have spent many years since I first came in 1979.

    Being acutely aware of the river situations in India and your drive to clean it up, I came across the following incident on 21th of September 2017 at the burning ghat next to popular height in Koregaon Park, Pune.

    On my early morning walk on 21st. September with my camera after 2 days of heavy rain the river was full to the brim. I walked as close as possible and was amazed at the beautiful storks and herons, that were parading alongside and looking for their breakfast amidst the rubbish and plastic floating everywhere.

    See pictures attached. Pictures speaking louder than words!

    I continued down to the burning ghat where I saw a nice fence surrounding the edge of the ghat, with one exception of a hole in it. It was about 7:30 when I saw a cleaning lady from the municipal cooperation and one guy, presumably her husband, who was about to dump a bucket full of rubbish into the river through the broken fence.
    Upon confronting him about his action, he was oblivious and totally non responsive about his action. In NO WAY HAVE THESE PEOPLE understood what they are doing to themselves and their environment.

    I was so upset about it, that I loudly voiced my objection at him and took the photo of him doing it, even though he objected. He objected, because he knew he was not supposed to do that!!!

    When will the common people wake up from their dull and stupid daily routine? Why is it not taught in schools and why is the municipal cooperation not taking action against such mal practice.

    As a concerned global citizen, I hope you will confront these people and specially the municipal cooperation, who is not objecting such behavior.

    Kind regards

    Gerd Drexhage

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