Volunteering in India

Volunteering for Indian Nationals

Earth5R offers flexible volunteering program for carrying out specific socio-environmental projects. Volunteers work on an assigned project related to Environmental Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship.

The duration of the volunteering program is six months.

Your major contributions would be via the following activities:

  1. Conducting Workshops– Visiting residential areas and building awareness under Green Citizens Project, conducting workshops on sustainable living- waste segregation, rainwater harvesting, solar energy, composting, and organic gardening.
  2. Grassroots activities– Training slum residents, the underprivileged section of the society and people with special needs and disabilities into green livelihood skills.
  3. Marketing– Advocating and marketing sustainable products and solutions for green living.
  4. Researching– Researching, problem finding and building sustainable solutions to tackle local environmental issues.
  5. Networking– Writing proposals, building presentations and conducting meetings with govt. authorities, local municipalities, educational institutions, companies and non-profit organisations to achieve the target of Zero Waste India 2018.
  6. Project Management Model– Creating new project management models for different locations and understanding area specific issues.