Write for EarthJournal

About EarthJournal:

EarthJournal is provocative Scientific-Socio-Economic reportage through an Environmental lens.

Our journalists bring forward informed opinions, authoritative voices and imagery. We recycle clichés about taking action on global warming; we deep dive into environmental issues.

We publish stories and essays that are gripping and unique, with a fresh viewpoint or unforeseen angle. EarthJournal covers the wide range of the modern-day environmental issues.

We publish sharp analytical observations with a splash of original writing.

This is an environmental magazine for lovers of earth, equality, and investigative journalism.

The Author

  • The author has to be a mix of journalist- a brainy reporter and an advocate.
  • The author should be able to engage in clever, knowledgeable conversation with Opinion, Reporting and Analysis about the environment, with room for debate.

How to Get Started:

  1. We would like to know a bit about your Reading and Analytical proficiency. To start with, we advise you to go through our articles on EarthJournal and comment on stories. No hassles! Quick and fast! You’ll get immediate exposure, the joy of seeing your name in lights at Earth5R and get noticed by our editors.
  2. Next, write an original article on environmental issue mentioned in the ‘List of Environmental Issues’.

Submission Guidelines:

The author and article should align with following guidelines:

  1. Topics: We welcome unique articles on a wide-ranging global environmental issue, and our site is aimed at a knowledgeable, but non-expert audience.
  2. Length: Most of our articles are within the range of 700-1,200 words, though we have no firm word limits. All work must be written exclusively for EarthJournal.
  3. Freshness: If you’re writing about a well-covered topic, you need to find a fresh approach. The best way to do this is to be very specific and to rely on your own research, observations, and experience. EarthJournal does not accept articles that have already been published, or under submission for publication elsewhere.
  4. Originality: Authors are expected to be aware of, and abide by ethics, specifically with regard to plagiarism, figure manipulation, competing interests, and compliance with standards of scientific writing. Plagiarism is not acceptable in EarthJournal submissions. If plagiarism is identified, the article will be removed and an action would be taken against the author.
  5. Data & Information: As you read above, EarthJournal is Scientific-Socio-Economic-Environmental reportage, and data is king here! You must provide clear references as per context. Experiments, statistics, and other analyses should be presented in a high technical standard and described in sufficient detail. Please ensure conclusions are presented in an appropriate fashion and are supported by the data.

How to Develop Your Story

  1. First, choose from our master list what you want to write about.
  2. Try to put topic in one line. Then, put down the points that you want to highlight.
  3. Next, elaborate those points with evidences- numbers, statistics, history, case studies or opinions – also, add your own opinion. Put the references and links in using hyperlinks.
  4. Once you have collected facts and thoughts, you have your framework ready.
  5. Start writing!

How to Submit:

  • Send your original post in Microsoft Word to community@earth5r.com
  • It may be up to one week before you receive a response from editorial team.
  • The editor may send your post back with feedback, and they may edit it or change the title before publishing on the site.

-Cover Photo by John O’Nolan