Your Dream Project

“ When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream. When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality.”
— Archbishop Helder Camara

About Your Dream Project (YDP)

If you have the courage to dream, Earth5R has the resources you need to fulfill that dream. ‘Your Dream Project’ (YDP) is the developmental environment for social entrepreneurs who believe their ideas have the potential to change the way the world works. Be it a technological revolution or a social movement, we give wings to every idea that has the audacity to challenge the impossible.

Objectives of YDP?

YDP is a collaborative platform that provides a space for an idea to mold itself and transform into reality using best resources available across the globe.
The objective of YDP is to promote Social Entrepreneurship and innovation as a support structure for social revolution.
This project serves as a launching rack and a mechanism which is meant to accelerate offbeat ideas and turning them into sustainable enterprises.
A properly executed screening process of utilizing resources ensures that they are channeled only to potential projects and revolutionizing ideas.

How can Earth5R help?

Earth5R provide a platform and environment to explore and elaborate your ideas. The experts contributing to the platform will aid you to resolve challenges regarding the purpose, feasibility, stakeholders, results and extent of your project. Getting first-hand clarity on these questions will catalyze the idea towards execution.
We invite you on our platform to share your ideas and receive professional help from experts across the globe in defining requirements that are associated with the expectation of project results. Leaders from various backgrounds can help you explore Preconditions, Functional requirements, Operational Requirements and Project boundaries that are essential for the Definition Phase of your project.
Designing phase is the most critical phase in a project. You will interact with peers and professionals across the globe who are contributing to our platform to narrow down various designs and select the best that fulfills defined criteria.
Earth5R provides you a floor where you can pitch your design to experts who can help you devise a timeline for the project and list out various resources that are needed to execute the design.
The crucial part of the entire project is the implementation phase. After a detailed developmental phase, a flawless action plan is a must. Earth5R provides a room where you can showcase your implementation strategy and get opinions from a large network of volunteers across the world. A variety of expert feedback, be it product or service development, marketing or finance, can reform your project and make it unstoppable.

If you have a dream project which you think can build a meaningful change, write to us at or whatsapp/ call  us on+91 99200 45587.