Earth5R App Challenges

Paws for Cause

Feeding stray animals supports a compassionate community ecosystem, reducing reliance of animals on potentially harmful food sources, thereby promoting urban biodiversity and harmony

eco Bricks Challenge

Engaging in the Ecobrick challenge promotes upcycling by fostering the concept of Circular Economy. It creates a sense of social responsibility. In the bigger picture it reduces the extent of non biodegradable material from going into the landfill.

reuse and Upcycle

Reduced waste, promoting recycling, minimizing environmental impact, and supporting a circular economy. Get as creative as you wish!

Sustainable Fashion Brands

Reducing environmental impact, raising consumer awareness, supporting ethical practises, pushing innovation, collective impact and fashion with purpose. eg: Accesories, jewellery, clothing, footwear brands

and many more…

Benefits on Completion

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