Earth5R App Volunteering Activities

Noise Pollution Survey

Through this activity, you will spread awareness about the extent of noise pollution in your local area. You will use an app called, “decibel X,” and measure the average ambient noise.

Pothole Survey

Potholes are an obstacle to effective transportation, resulting in increased fuel consumption and emissions; this poses a risk to human life.

Circular Economy Training

A circular economy provides a framework for combating major environmental issues. You will have an opportunity to spread awareness about our five R’s via informative slides.

Waste Hotspot Survey

Look around your neighbourhood and surrounding areas for piled up garbage. You’ll learn if waste management practises are followed in your area, and raise awareness about waste management.

Urban Plantation

For this activity, you will plant a sapling. Tree plantation not only combats deforestation but also prevents global warming.

Water Ecosystem Survey

Visit your local ecosystem(waterbody) and among other things, check for plant and animal diversity to assess the ecosystem’s state. Through this activity, you are creating an awareness of the importance of preserving ecosystems.

and many more…

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