Earth5R carries a strong emphasis on fundamental knowledge, thorough research practices, and hands-on experience at the community level. It prepares students to be authentic leaders through knowledge and practice.

Earth5R is committed to education that promotes social and economic justice in the urban and rural environment through high-quality learning programs.

Earth5R offers Certificate Course in Global Sustainability and Climate Change to students and citizens who are interested in gaining hands-on knowledge on environmental topics.


  • Course material, instructions and mentoring: Online
  • Live project assignment: Offline- in your locality within 3 km radius 
  • The program blends online and offline learning and projects are ongoing. Students receive one on one learning hence there is no concept of a batch. You can start the course at any time. Once you have decided upon the course duration, please email your request to join the program mentioning those details along with your resume to community(at)earth5r(dot)org
  • Once shortlisted you will be required to pay the fee online. The fee has to be deposited in 100%. Post the payment your course will start.
  • Since the projects are local and instructions and course material delivered online students don’t have to visit the Earth5R center for the program.
  • The course comes with a high degree of flexibility. The duration mentioned against each TYPE is the minimum duration required to complete the course. The maximum duration to complete the course is one year from the date of enrolment in the course. Towards the end of each week, students are expected to clock in their duration, update the work progress and document their work online on our portal.

DETAILS 3 Months or 96 Hours  
TOPICS Rs 36,000/ $ 550  
Climate Change and Global Warming Yes  
Renewable Energy Yes  
Solid Waste Management- Downcycling, Recycling, Upcycling and other Processing Yes  
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Yes  
Project Field Work Yes  
Sustainable Development Yes  
Leadership Development Yes  
Creating Zero Waste facilities Yes  
Rainwater Harvesting- Combating Water Crisis Yes  
Circular Economy Yes  
Social Entrepreneurship Yes  
Climate Change Mitigation Strategies Yes  
Measuring social, environmental, and economic impacts Yes  
Environmental Blogging- Writing Environmental Articles in Earth Journal Yes  
Environmental Project Management Yes  
Plantation- How to grow your own food Yes  
Developing a Social Enterprise Business Plan Yes  
Working with Global Diplomats and Changemakers Yes  
Participation in Global Sustainability Summit Yes  


I’m impressed by the young people involved in this program who are putting in their time and effort to take action.

HH The Dalai Lama



Congratulations! This is an amazing project. It’s a great example of circular economy model in action. I would like to bring your project to Costa Rica.

Carlos Alvarado


This is an outstanding project! The fact that the Earth5R program is completely citizen-driven makes it a lot more sustainable and effective. We would like to have this program in every country!

Epeli Nailatikau


Exceptional work by the Earth5R team. The women empowerment model that generates livelihood while solving the plastic waste problem is a great example of a circular economy in action.


Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, 2015

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