Environmental Sustainability & Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Course

Earth5R carries a strong emphasis on fundamental knowledge, thorough research practices, and hands-on experience at the community level. It prepares students to be authentic leaders through knowledge and practice.

Earth5R is committed to education that promotes social and economic justice in the urban and rural environment through high-quality learning programs.

Earth5R offers Environmental Sustainability & Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Course (ESSE Course) to students and working professionals who are interested in gaining hands-on knowledge on environmental topics.

Here are the details of the course:

DURATION 3 Months/ 96 Hours 2 Months/ 64 Hours 1 Month or 32 Hours 2 Weeks/
16 Hours
1 Week/ 8 Hours 1 Day/
1.5 Hours
FEE Rs 36,000/ $ 550 Rs 25,000/ $ 400 Rs 15,000/ $ 230 Rs 12,000/ $ 180 Rs 8,000/ $ 125 Rs 3,000/ $ 50
Live Project Work Social & Environmental Project Work in the local area (Additional flexible hours depending on the project and learning needs) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Environmental Sustainability
What is Sustainability? Yes Yes Yes Yes
The five Rs of Environmental Sustainability- Respect, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore Yes Yes Yes
Preservation of Ecosystem and Biodiversity Yes Yes Yes
Solid Waste Management- Downcycling, Recycling, Upcycling and other Processing Yes Yes Yes
Renewable Energy Yes Yes
Three pillars of sustainability: Economic Development, Social Development, and Environmental Protection Yes Yes
Environmental Sustainability practices in (Your country) Yes Yes
Sustainable Agriculture- Permaculture, Agroforestry, Mixed Farming, Multiple Cropping, Crop Rotation, Organic farming, and Fair trading. Yes
Problem-solving and innovative approaches to Environmental Sustainability Yes
From Cradle-to-Grave to Cradle-to-Cradle: Towards Circular Economy Yes
Sustainability Planning and Creating Livable Area for the People Yes
Measuring Environmental Impact and Sustainability Yes
Climate Change
Greenhouse Effects and Global Warming Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
The implications of human activities on the environment Yes Yes Yes
Desertification Yes Yes
Fossil Fuels and Environmental Pollution Yes
Assessment of Environmental Impact by Grocery Shopping Bags Yes
Environmental factors and Cancer Yes
Social Entrepreneurship
Social Entrepreneurship Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Agenda for Sustainable Development- The 17 Sustainable Development Goals Yes Yes Yes Yes
Case studies- Social entrepreneurs and their Social enterprises Yes Yes Yes
Examples of Unsustainable Solutions Yes Yes
Measuring social, environmental, and economic impacts Yes Yes
Developing a social enterprise business plan Yes
Organizational & Community Development- How to develop a team and share the vision Yes
Developing and implementing Social Innovations Yes
Financing Social Ventures Yes
Environmental Politics- Domestic and Global Dimensions Yes

To enrol for the Certificate Course in Environmental Sustainability & Social Entrepreneurship (ESSE Course) please get in touch with Earth5R via email or WhatsApp/ call us at +91 99200 45587.