China Gears Up for Disasters as Flood Season Enters ‘Critical Period’

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All of China must prepare for potential disasters as this year’s flood season reaches a pivotal period, a government official warned on Friday, after months of torrential rains and floods, the worst for some in more than a century.

China routinely faces heavy flooding during its summer, but record-breaking rain in some regions this year has highlighted the challenges it faces as it tries to adapt to climate change, with temperatures also reaching fresh highs.

As the “critical period” starting in mid-July approaches, officials at all levels needed to “grasp the potential risks”, Zhou Xuewen, vice minister at China’s Ministry of Emergency Management, told a briefing.

Since the flood season began in March, average rainfall is 10.7% higher than normal, and has doubled in some parts of the south. Rain in the Pearl River basin in the southern province of Guangdong is at its highest on record.

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Source: Reuters

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