Climate change refers to long term shifts in the global weather patterns especially, increasing instances of extreme and unpredictable weather. 

Human activities are the foremost contributors to climate change. Fossil fuel emissions and greenhouse gas emissions are examples of human activities that contribute to climate change. The greenhouse gases entrap the sun’s heat and cause global warming. Global warming leads to hotter surface temperatures and glacial melting. Ultimately, it leads to a rise in sea levels. 

Climate change is the leading cause for an increase in the number of natural disaster occurrences. For example, Hurricane Katrina, Wildfires in Australia, East African Drought, and floods in South Asia were majorly due to climate change. Furthermore, irregular earthquakes, heat waves, floods, droughts, etc. are caused due to global warming and its rising temperatures. 

India has experienced its share of climate change effects in the form of severe storms, unseasonal rainfalls, droughts and heat waves. These pose a serious risk to ecosystems causing biodiversity loss, loss of habitat, desertification. Climate change also poses a threat to migratory birds who are entirely dependent on seasonal changes.

Through the Earth5R app, you will conduct a ‘Climate Change Training Programme’, where you will educate the public about Climate Change and its impact.

Earth5R will not only share your valuable survey readings within your community, but also inform your local government, and push for change. Thus, you will directly impact the noise pollution in your locality, and improve the well-being of your community.

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