This year in 2022, we plan to use the tech-savvy age to our advantage and adapt our ACT model to exponentially expand our global impact. 

Our main goal of making a difference on a personal level through actions on the ground hasn’t changed, but the way we reach out to people has. With the help of Earth5R app, we guide people who want to perform on the ground action. This solves our logistics problem without reducing the impact of our work. 

With a passion for sustainability driven by mobile technology, our newly launched Earth5R app provides a platform for numerous, like-minded communities to collectively work towards creating direct impact. 

The Earth5R app links common citizens with Earth5R’s already established network of schools, universities, companies, and governments. 

Currently active in India, the Earth5R app will soon be released in stages globally 


Our App’s Modules: Know, Act, Inspire

Earth5R app has many modules which gives an opportunity to each user to practically impact their local environment. Upon completion, the user is awarded with incentives, and thus motivated to perform these activities. 

Overall, this system encourages the development of sustainability on a global scale. 

All modules available on our app are listed below(click each to know more)

  1. Noise Pollution
  2. Ecosystem and Biodiversity
  3. Deforestation and Desertification
  4. Sustainable Development Goals
  5. Waste Management
  6. Energy Conservation
  7. Responsible Consumption and Production
  8. Sustainable Communities
  9. Climate Change Awareness
  10. Circular Economy Awareness
  11. Urban Sustainability

Earth5R App’s Features

  • Environmental News And Articles

What do you gain?

Earth5R App keeps you up to date on significant current environmental events worldwide through its news. Additionally, well-researched articles are your ‘environmental knowledge bank’. These articles  describe important topics about sustainability and provide you with valuable knowledge about environmental topics

How to access these advantages?

Once you download the app :- 

  1. Click on resources at the bottom of the app beside the home button
  2. Next at the top just below the search bar, click on either news or articles
  3. Scroll through until you find an interesting topic and click to read it
  4. Use bookmarks to continue reading an article and/or news later
  • Internship And Volunteering Programs

What do you gain?

The Earth5R Internship Program is based on leadership development, where people learn how to take action on major global environmental issues. There are 11 such issues to choose from. You will have the opportunity to create an impact via eight environmental modules of your choice.

This program not only has a lot of research, but it also has a lot of activities outside that are related to the eight modules. 

How to access these advantages

Once you download the app: –

  1. Click on the Programs tab at the bottom, right beside the post button. 
  2. Next, choose either internship or volunteering program, based on your choice 
  3. After you click, carefully read about each module 
  4. Click enroll now, fill in the details, submit your application, and get started!
  • Sustainability Portfolio

What do you gain? 

Earth5R collects all your sustainability efforts and achievements on your personalised Sustainability Portfolio. This is an easy way to keep track of your record, easily include it in your CV, and boost your Resume!

How to access these advantages? 

Once you download the app :-

  1. Click on the profile tab at the bottom right
  2. You can see your unique sustainability id, and QR code
  3. Click on ‘Sustainability Portfolio
  4. Click the send button on top right to share your achievements!
  5. The button beside the send button opens the QR code

Thus, our app hosts a variety of tools to help you on your sustainable journey. These range from the environmental news about issues, to volunteering for solving them. 

We also spread awareness and education not only via our articles, but also through engaging internships.

Download Earth5R app now and take advantage of these resources!

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