Environmental Issues and Action

Earth5R app has numerous modules that address the most pressing environmental issues. This gives each user an opportunity to practically impact their local environment. Upon completion of the module activity, the user is awarded with incentives, and thus motivated to perform these activities. 

Overall, this system encourages the development of sustainability on a global scale. 

All modules and its related activities available on our app are listed below

Noise Pollution

Virtually every single metropolitan city currently suffers from noise pollution. Noise pollution is the leading factor for hypertension, heart disease, insomnia, stress, and many other diseases. However, when compared to other sources of pollution, there isn’t much focus on this pressing issue.

Through the Earth5R app, you will have an opportunity to spread awareness about noise pollution. You will achieve this by performing a survey in your  locality to assess whether the noise levels are within healthy limits…(know more)

Water Pollution

From huge oceans and seas, to lakes, ponds and streams, humanity’s waste has polluted every corner of the globe. We need change now or else risk permanently poisoning all water on Earth.

Through the Earth5R app, you have an opportunity to conduct a ‘Water Ecosystem Survey’ of your local water bodies. They assess the species biodiversity in and around the water body, the state of the waterbody, and the extent of waste…(know more)

Deforestation and Desertification

Rapid population growth and its consequent demand for farming land, the rate of deforestation has reached alarming levels. Moreover, climate change has turned previously rich and fertile lands into deserts. 

Through the Earth5R app, you have an opportunity to spread awareness about this issue. Your on the ground activity would be to…(know more)

Sustainable Development Goals

‘Sustainable Development Goals’ is a call to action that aims to transform the world towards sustainability.

Through the Earth5R app, you will take a personal sustainability survey. Through this survey, you will…(know more)

Waste Management

 It is crucial that we aim to conserve natural resources, reuse materials, reduce environmental impact, and ultimately use resources sustainably.

Through the Earth5R app you have an opportunity to conduct a waste hotspot survey. Waste hotspots indicate improper waste management practices. You will…(know more)

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is a way to utilise less expendable resources and make use of renewable forms of energy. This reduces both carbon emissions and footprints, therefore reducing environmental impact.

Through the Earth5R app, you will conduct an energy conservation study by visiting…(know more)

Plastic Waste Management

Plastics are one of the biggest sources of waste at the global level. The list of plastic waste-induced pollution is endless.

You will have the opportunity to spread awareness about and finally put an end to this crisis by using the Earth5R app. You will do this by… (know more)

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Carbon footprint can be defined as the total greenhouse emissions in the form of carbon dioxide and methane emitted by an individual, community or organisation.

Through the Earth5R app, you have this opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint drastically. You can achieve this on our app by…(know more)

Climate Change Awareness

Climate change refers to long term shifts in the global weather patterns especially, increasing instances of extreme and unpredictable weather. It is one of the leading causes for issues such as crop failure, floods, drought, health effects, and loss of life.

Through the Earth5R app, you will conduct a ‘Climate Change Training Programme’, where you will…(know more)

Setting Up A Circular Economy

A circular economy is a model of production and consumption which involves sharing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling materials/products for as long as possible. The main goal of a circular economy model is to minimise waste, tackle the planet’s environmental crisis.

Through the Earth5R app, you will get to conduct a…(know more)

Urban Sustainability

The definition of Sustainability is the concept of utilising resources with maximum possible efficiency. A major goal of sustainability is to preserve resources for our future generations. Urban sustainability, in particular,  is a new concept that aims to improve a city’s social, economic and environmental conditions, and ultimately improve quality of life.

Through the Earth5R app, you will perform a…(know more)

Thus, our app hosts a variety of tools to help you on your sustainable journey. These range from the environmental news about issues, to volunteering for solving them. 

We also spread awareness and education not only via our articles, but also through engaging internships.

Download now and take advantage of these resources!

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