Earth5R Research Fellowship Program: Terms and Conditions


  1. Program Description: The Earth5R Research Fellowship Program (“the Program”) is an unpaid research opportunity aimed at fostering innovation in the field of applied sustainability.
  2. Eligibility: The Program is open to students, professionals, and academics from all backgrounds.
  3. Duration: The minimum duration to complete the fellowship is one month, and the maximum is six months.

Financial Terms

  1. No Fees for Publication: Earth5R does not charge any fees for the publication of research articles or papers under this Program.
  2. No Financial Compensation: Neither the mentors nor the participants (“Fellows”) will receive any financial compensation for their involvement in the Program.
  3. Revenue Sharing: In the event that Earth5R decides to monetize the research papers in the future, the revenue generated will be shared between Earth5R and the authors in a manner that is fair and consistent with market trends and generally accepted rules of publication.

Intellectual Property

  1. Ownership: All research articles and papers submitted under the Program will be considered the joint intellectual property of the authors and Earth5R.
  2. Publication Rights: Earth5R reserves the right to publish the research articles and papers on its platforms, including but not limited to EarthJournal on the Earth5R website.

Mentorship and Guidance

  1. Mentorship: Earth5R will provide mentorship through weekly calls and expert guidance as needed. However, this mentorship is unpaid.
  2. Co-Authorship: Fellows are free to involve their teachers or professors in the research process, and they can also become co-authors.


  1. Termination by Earth5R: Earth5R reserves the right to terminate the Program or individual participation at any time for any reason.
  2. Termination by Participant: Participants may withdraw from the Program at any time by providing written notice to Earth5R.

Retention of Published Articles

  1. Retention Policy: While Earth5R intends to keep all published research articles and papers on its platforms permanently, there may be circumstances beyond Earth 5R’s control that require the removal or unavailability of such content.
  2. No Obligation: In such unavoidable circumstances, the authors acknowledge and agree that they cannot compel Earth5R to maintain the availability of their articles on
    Earth 5R’s platforms.


  1. Amendments: Earth5R reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  2. Governing Law: These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Bombay High Court, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

By participating in the Earth5R Research Fellowship Program, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

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