We recycle plastic and textile waste into high-quality recycled cotton fiber, polyester fibre and fiber blends. 

Plastic waste and textile waste is our raw material, and we use it to create high quality fiber. We build and manage plastic and mixed waste recovery and recycling network in cities across India. 

With the help of our community based waste collection programs we are preventing the waste from going into rivers and ocean. 

At our partner recycling facility we clean and shred the plastic waste and Recycle it into polyester fibre. Meanwhile at another textile recycling facility we shred, clean and recycled the cotton recovered from textile waste into fibre, the raw material for new clothing. 

The two different types of fibers, cotton and polyester are spun into a yarn, blending the two different types of fibres in a ratio depending on the type of cloth being produced. The new yarn is woven into a fabric which is then converted into T-shirts.

With the help of community led green ecosystem we integrate our processes into a circular supply chain, providing a sustainable solution to plastic and other types of waste.


Earth5R has the network and the resources to Reuse and Recycle most type of dry waste, which allows us to make a circular economy from the waste.  We have a very high level commitment to transparency. We believe in educating our clients and consumers about our manufacturing and recycling methods, so our customers can make the right choices while creating a positive impact on the environment. It creates a more meaningful relationship between Earth5R community and and the consumers, one based on a mutual commitment to sustainability.

Compared to normal products our recycled products have more transparency about material origin, supply chain and production, we share the numbers on environmental, social and economic  impact, not just the savings compared to regular production, We have more inclusive branding and communication about the program, with more localised production, shorter transport with lesser carbon footprint and we provide information on labor conditions in our value chain.


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