Are you ready to change the way you think about plastic? Plastic in many forms — even that simple plastic bag — is a durable and valuable resource that can be recycled to create new products.

Implementing circular economy actions and reducing climate change are goals that most companies have in today’s world. The best way to save resources and reduce the carbon footprint of a plastic product is to use recycled plastics instead of virgin plastics as an input material when possible.

Bio-based and biodegradable materials are also often recognised as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastics, but it should be noted that they are not necessarily environmentally superior to plastics because of their water footprint and the food security issues they cause to the farmers. The most valuable materials are the ones that hold value and can be used more than just one time.

High Quality Recycled Plastic Furniture 

At Earth5R we guarantee the consistent, high quality furniture from recycled plastics. 

We build community based recycling programs in cities and towns across India, from Ladakh to Tamilnadu and from  from Gujarat to Assam. We manage the entire recycling chain, including the collection and sorting of waste plastics, washing and compounding, and conversion to the raw material for furniture production.

The origin of the feedstock material and the way the plastic waste is treated plays a key role in the sustainability of the products and its production. By having the whole recycling process within our own ecosystem, we guarantee the sustainability and its impact on the community.  We supervise all waste collection, segregation, and recycling process within our circular economy ecosystem with AI enabled third party tracking and auditing system in place. 

Managing the Plastic Recycling Ecosystem

The production of our Eco Furnitures takes sustainability factors into account from beginning to end. We guarantee that also your supply chain stays traceable and transparent. Earth5R’s Eco furnitures are sustainable in every sense: they are made with no compromises.


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