Environmental Awareness and Beach Clean Up at Juhu Mumbai

On February 21, 2016, the Mumbai team of Earth5R decided to start a Sunday morning at the beach. Well, not just admiring its freshness but also making the day a little more productive by engaging with people and fulfilling our civic responsibilities. The team of volunteer environmentalists set out to clear the beach of plastic remnants and make people aware about the pollution being caused by these toxins of poly hydrocarbons.

Beach Cleanup Volunteer Mumbai India Environmental NGO Earth5R

It’s appreciable that the Mumbai Municipality has been performing dutifully, ensuring clean ups at beaches. As aware citizens and active volunteers, Earth5R members did their duty responsibly too. The beach clean-up and environmental awareness at Juhu Beach started off at 8 am. Getting the beach rid of plastic remains, Earth5R members picked on every little wrapper and bit of plastic, on the shore.

While cleaning, lot of enthusiastic individuals stopped not only to compliment the work but to also to interact. Sharing their views on cleanliness, knowing about teams mission, engagements on Swacch Bharat and talking about accelerated awareness on environmental fitness, were various ways in which many fitness freaks and beach lovers got involved with the members.

There were opportunities for interacting with groups of people where the members discussed the importance of being environment-friendly in today’s time. When pollution is suffocating and making it hard for everyone to live on this planet. With a bit intrigue brought in by the story of Earth5R, everyone was keen to know more about the extensive activities and willingly supported the work too.

Beach Cleanup Recycling Mumbai India Environmental NGO Earth5R

With almost 3 huge bags full of waste and fruitful engagement of awareness conversations with individuals and groups. The Sunday activity of clean up and awareness came to an end.

Activities like these invoke a deeper sense of responsibility and gratitude for aware members to share this knowledge with people who are unaware. Community engagement is one the best ways to initiate change and empower its members. It is essential to make a choice to use the privilege of our knowledge to bring about change in society with these little initiatives.

-Reported by Pragya Lodha, Edited by Saritha Ramanjaneyulu, Graphic Design by Pratik Dhamapurkar

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