Environmental Dam Water Released Automatically by Law, even under Flood Conditions, ‘Needs to Change’

Environmental News from Australia:

The New South Wales Water Minister says an impractical rule that has increased flooding risks on a number of occasions “needs to change” urgently, but a missed deadline means it will be at least another 12 months before it is fixed.

A rule in the Water Sharing Plan for the Macquarie and Cudgegong Regulated Rivers Water Source 2016 legislation has on numerous occasions seen water automatically released out of a half-full Windamere Dam, near Mudgee, while the region’s water systems are already experiencing flood conditions.

On Sunday, water was released out of Windamere into an already inundated Cudgegong River for five hours, at a time Mudgee roads were flooded, properties were saturated, and rivers were full.

In November, the rule also prompted water to be released out of Windamere, which was just over 40 percent full and sent towards Burrendong Dam which was at over 140 percent capacity and threatening to spill.

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Source: abc.net

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