Environmental Groups keep Pushing Extreme Measures amid Global Energy Crisis

Environmental News from America: 

Environmental groups have continued to advocate and protest for extreme policies to combat climate change even amid a global energy crisis.

Organizations — including the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, the Sunrise Movement and the League of Conservation Voters — have doubled down on pushing the Green New Deal, divestment from fossil fuel projects and banning oil and gas production. High energy prices and fuel supply shortfalls, triggered largely by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, though, are threatening the livelihoods of millions worldwide.

“Concerns about energy shortages in Europe and the spiking fossil fuel costs Americans are experiencing are both symptoms of our continued reliance on fossil fuels,” Kelly Sheehan, the senior director of energy campaigns at the Sierra Club, told Fox News Digital in a statement. “As long as we rely on volatile global commodities like oil and gas, we’ll always be vulnerable to geopolitics and the whims of greedy fossil fuel executives.”

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Source: Foxnews

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