Climate Change Is Behind Weird Rainfall Patterns in Europe

Environmental News from Europe:

New study shows for the first time that greenhouse gas emissions are directly responsible for extreme rain and dry spells across the continent in winter. 

Emissions of planet-warming greenhouse gases caused by human activities are directly responsible for long-term dry conditions in the Mediterranean basin and the increasing rainfall over the rest of Europe during winter, according to a study by the UK’s Met Office. 

The research, published in the Journal of Climate, is the first to show the direct link between seasonal rainfall trends in Europe and climate change, the Met Office said in a statement. Scientists compared climate scenarios with and without human influence. 

“With this clear identification of the role of greenhouse gasses, this study provides further evidence that changes to our rainfall patterns in Europe will continue as our atmosphere warms,” said Nikos Christidis, lead author and Met Office climate scientist. “Even though countries are used to these kinds of extremes, the increase in frequency, severity and intensity is going to demand greater adaptation to a new kind of climate regime.”

Scientists are highly confident that man-made climate change has an influence on precipitation patterns on land, according to the conclusions of the latest report from the UN-backed Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. But the regional effects of this global trend have been more difficult to detect, making it harder to come up with mitigation strategies to help vulnerable populations and the environment. 

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Source: Bloomberg

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