Electrification is the Future of Transportation and the Key to Achieving Carbon Neutrality

Environmental News from India: 

Technology neutrality and multiple approaches are necessary for the auto industry to achieve carbon neutrality, said the Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA).

Electrification is the future of transportation and key to achieving carbon neutrality, but it is not a silver bullet for all nations. OICA represents auto production nations in all corners of the world and recognizes the importance of a technology-neutral, multi-pronged policy approach to make progress on transportation decarbonization is required,” said OICA President John Bozzella.

OICA is an international trade association that comprises 39 national automotive industry trade associations. India’s auto industry lobby group SIAM is a member.

The association, in its new plan of decarbonizing road transport, has proposed shifts in power generation, investments in new charging or refueling infrastructure, and the evolution of the existing supply base for the purpose.

In India, the government has heavily stressed electrification as part of its clean energy transition. Leading automakers like Honda, Toyota, and market leader Maruti Suzuki have been pushing for hybrids.

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Source: Business Standard

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