Four Forests in Delhi to be Upgraded to ‘World-Class Standards’

Environmental News from India: Four major forests in Delhi – Garhi Mandu, Mitraon, Alipur, and Jaunapur – are set to be upgraded under a pilot project that aims to make these spaces ‘world-class.’

The project also aims to further increase the national capital’s green cover and is a part of the Delhi government’s summer action plan proposed for this year.

Environment Minister Gopal Rai on Tuesday said, “Of the 19 city forests, four forests will be revamped and developed on the theme — ‘Prakriti ke paas Parivar ke sath” — which aims to connect people with nature.”

Only eco-friendly development work will be undertaken in these city forests. The forest department will develop meditation huts, amphitheaters of grass and mud, and nurseries in the city forests. According to news agency PTI, outdoor activities like bird watching and jungle walks will be promoted.

The idea to revamp the city forests has been conceived by the Dialogue and Development Commission (DDC), the policy think tank of the government.

“The government will set up a steering committee that will oversee the development of these four world-class city forests. Our government wants to provide the people of Delhi with a place where they appreciate nature and educate the next generation about it,” Rai said.

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Source: India Today

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