Industries Dump Chemicals into Fields, Pollute Ajnar River in Madhya Pradesh

Environmental News from India: 

  • Industrial waste from factories in Madhya Pradesh is allegedly being dumped into empty borings in fields, claim activists.
  • In Manpur town of Indore district, the river water, as well as other water sources, including tube wells, have become polluted, affecting 50 villages.
  • Many cattle, aquatic animals, and wild animals have allegedly died after consuming polluted river water following which, the local tribal communities are seeking compensation.

Madhya Pradesh’s Manpur town near Pithampur, a Special Economic Zone with almost 50 industrial units, is facing water contamination. The locals assert that the chemical debris from Pithampur is tossed out in open fields which is poisoning the Ajnar river close to the village and infecting groundwater and wells.

“Black chemical was floating on the surface of the water,” Brijesh Singh, a farmer near the Ajnar river in Manpur, told Mongabay-India while talking about the toxic froth. “My cow died after drinking the water,” he alleged.

According to Singh, chemical waste is still dumped in open fields. “Each time it rains, the chemical waste runs into my field. I lost a crop last year because of chemical water. My land has now become infertile and I have lost my livelihood.” His wheat crop was destroyed due to which he suffered a loss of Rs. 25,000.

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Source: Mongabay

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