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Environmentalist of the Week

Similar to last week’s Environmentalist of the Week, local resident Christine Griffin spent her birthday helping the environment. Christine heard about our weekly Powai Lake Cleanups and wanted to help. Even though her birthday landed on the same day this was to take place, it didn’t stop her.  Simple selfless actions like this are going to turn the future bright. Without dedication from everyone like this, we will never restore our ecosystem.

Collecting plastics at the Powai Lake cleanup



Earth5R: What made you decide to give up time on your birthday for the cleanup?

Christine: I thought it would be a nice family activity to do and it would help others at the same time.

Earth5R: Were you shocked when you saw the state of the lake?

Christine: Yes I was. At times I think we were standing on several feet of trash. It could potentially be a very beautiful spot. And I believe it will be again once people when start respecting the environment.

Earth5R: Do you think with efforts like your own, Powai Lake can be restored?

Christine: I think it will take more than just people cleaning up. I think there needs to be an education of not polluting in the first place. I think there needs to be an abundance of places for people to deposit trash such as trash cans. I think there needs to be a municipal plan to regularly pick up and empty the trash. It is not enough to pick up what is already there, we need to prevent it from being continuously polluted.

Earth5R: What is your advice to other residents in your community?

Christine: To come out regularly and help with the cleanup efforts and also with the educational efforts to not throw trash.


It is important to always take time to help the environment. Let us follow the example that Christine has set!

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