Environmentalist of the Week – Tree Planter

This week’s Environmentalist of the Week

The Environmentalist of the Week goes to Shashi Yadav who celebrated her birthday by planting 50 trees in Powai with the help of Earth5R under ACT Powai project.

Mumbai has lost 60% of its green cover in 40 years, so Shashi decided to help fight this. This is truly an inspiration and a completely selfless act. While most of us would use our birthday to go party or celebrate ourselves, Shashi wanted to make a difference in the community. We could all learn something from this week’s Environmentalist of the Week.


Emily– “How long have you lived in Mumbai for?”

Shashi– “I have lived in the city of dreams for the past 20 years and I wish to stay here for this lifetime to make it more beautiful.”

Emily– “What made you decide to spend your birthday this way?”

Shashi– “In the everyday hustle and bustle, we hardly find time to make our wishes come true. I have always wished to do something to save Mother Earth and planting a tree was the best way to make my wish come true on my special day.”

Emily– “What is your message for other citizens?”

Shashi– “Mankind was born to help save the world and not destroy it. Let’s do our bit to make a difference and save Earth because we have nowhere else to go. Plant for our planet!”

Shashi Yadav Planting one of her 50 trees.




The team after planting a total of 50 trees in Powai under ACT Powai project


The Earth5R team found Shashi’s initiative quite inspiring. Not everyone has to be an environmentalist to care about the planet. In fact, it should be everyone’s duty to care for the planet.

If you have someone that you think has done something great for the environment, contact us! community@earth5r.org

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