FAQ About Earth5R Platform and Earth5R App

How is the Earth5R app different from other environmental apps?

Earth5R stands out due to its focus on community building, fieldwork, and tangible action. Unlike other apps, it incentivizes behavior change and offers international-level knowledge through its courses. The app does not burden users to create events, unlike many others.

Why should I join the Earth5R community?

Earth5R is a pioneer in technology-driven solutions for environmental challenges. It helps individuals and organizations meet sustainability goals, is scalable, and is partnered with reputable organizations such as the UN. Your engagement helps facilitate our global impact plans.

What can schools gain from collaborating with Earth5R?

Schools can work with Earth5R to move towards a Green School Model. This collaboration offers students numerous opportunities in sustainability and can enhance the school’s reputation. It also positions the school as a leader in environmental conservation and opens opportunities for global partnerships.

How can corporates benefit from the Earth5R app?

Companies can engage in grassroots activities, share their sustainability stories, and enhance their ESG profile. They can also outsource their CSR projects to the community and build their brand reputation.

What benefits do users get from the Earth5R app?

Users can take collective actions, build their sustainability profile, and earn green points for their actions. They can also participate in internships, volunteering programs, and environmental challenges. The app offers personalized features for various entities like schools, colleges, and corporates.

How does the Earth5R app help the environment?

The Earth5R app raises awareness about environmental issues, facilitates actions such as tree plantation and waste cleanup, and collects real-time environmental data. This data is invaluable for governments and corporates to take appropriate environmental action and for research.

Why is the data collected by Earth5R so impactful?

The data, which includes details about the local ecosystem, for example- trees planted, waste collected, and areas surveyed, provides essential insights for stakeholders to take informed environmental actions. It is also be used for environmental research, policy design, and urban sustainable development. 

What are the goals of the Earth5R app?

Earth5R aims to reach 50 million users, achieve 2 billion+ individual environmental actions, plant 1 billion trees, and prevent 10 billion tons of plastic from going to landfills and oceans by 2025.

What recognitions has Earth5R received?

Earth5R has been recognized multiple times, including the Young Leaders India France award to our founder, a showcase at the Paris Peace Forum 2018, and selection as a media partner by Thomson Reuters. Our advisors include a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and we have been showcased as UNESCO Green citizens.

How can I get involved with Earth5R as a volunteer or intern?

You can become an intern or volunteer with Earth5R by applying directly through the app, where you’ll find information on available opportunities.

Can I use the Earth5R app if I’m not part of a school, college or corporation?

Absolutely. The Earth5R app is designed for individuals as well, allowing you to contribute to environmental sustainability on a personal level and build your sustainability profile.

How can I redeem my green points earned on the Earth5R app?

Green points earned on the Earth5R app are like leadership board standing, and in the future they can be redeemed through various rewards available within the app. More details are available on the app.

What type of environmental challenges does the Earth5R app offer?

The Earth5R app offers a wide range of environmental challenges, from tree plantations to waste cleanups and environmental surveys and many more. We constantly launch new challenges. 

How can I partner with Earth5R as a school or corporation?

Schools or corporations interested in partnering with Earth5R can reach out to us directly through the app or by visiting the contact us section on our website.

How does Earth5R ensure the security of my data?

At Earth5R, we take data security very seriously and adhere to best practices like data encryption, multifactor authentication, to ensure your data is safe and secure. We take only essential and functional data. Your data is not shared with any external parties. We also follow European Union data policies. 

How can I receive updates about new features or initiatives on Earth5R?

You can stay updated on new features and initiatives by subscribing to our newsletter, following us on social media, or regularly checking the updates section in the Earth5R app.

How can I get in touch with Saurabh Gupta or the Earth5R team?

You can reach out to Saurabh Gupta or the Earth5R team via the email address mentioned at the bottom of the Earth5R website, which is community(at)earth5r(dot)org. You can also find Saurabh Gupta in the Earth5R app and drop him a message on a post listed in his profile. You can also reach Saurabh Gupta via LinkedIn. Please note that due to the volume of inquiries, there might be a delay in response. 

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