Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who can apply for the Nikola Tesla Young Researchers Development Program (Research Internship)?
    Anybody can apply for our Nikola Tesla Young Researchers Development Program (Research Internship). It does not matter if you are a student or a professional. The program is open to all.
  1. Is there any age limit for applying to the Research Internship?
    There is no age limit for applying to the Research Internship. 
  1. I do not have any background in Environmental Science. Can I still apply for the Internship?
    Yes. No matter which field you are from, be it Science, Commerce, Arts etc., you can apply for the Internship to work on applied Sustainability in your field of interest. 
  2. Can I do the Research Internship from a Home/ Remote location?
    Yes. Earth5R’s Research Internship can be done from Home/ Remote location.
  3. Is the Research Internship Full time or can I do it Part time?
    It is a Part Time Internship however you can dedicate as many hours for the Research work as you want.
  4. What is the Selection Criteria?
    There is no Selection Criteria.
  5. Is the Research Internship paid?
    No. Earth5R neither charges any fees for Publishing the Work of the Research Interns nor pays the Research Interns for doing Research.
  6. What is the Research Process?

  1. What is the duration of the Internship?
    The minimum duration for the Internship is 1 month and it can be extended up to 3 months. 
  1. Will I be provided a Mentor?
    Earth5R conducts Weekly Mentoring Sessions with the Research Interns to give guidance and help the Research Interns in doing quality work.
  1. How will I come to know about the Weekly Mentoring Sessions?
    The details for the Weekly Mentoring Session will be made available every week on the Earth5R App feed.
  1.  Can I use my own topic for conducting Research?
    Yes. You can use your own topic, select topics from our website or even modify the topics that are provided on the website.
  1. What is the difference between a Research Paper and a Research (Blog) Article?
    A Research Paper
    is a detailed and in-depth report, often longer. It has multiple sections and is used by researchers to share their findings.

    A Research (Blog) Article is a shorter and easier version of a study focusing on the problem and solutions from the point of Sustainability, pertaining to your field. It’s designed to build awareness for the general public.
  1. Can I change my topic even after receiving an approval email?
    Yes. You are free to work on the topic of your interest and passion.
  2.  Can I collaborate with my friends/ colleagues and write a Research Paper/ Research (Blog) Article with them?
    Yes. You are free to collaborate with your friends/ colleagues or even connect with other Research Interns through the Earth5R app.
  3.  I have never written a Research Paper/ Research (Blog) Article. Is there any guideline available for me to refer to?
    Yes. You can access the Earth5R Research Internship Guide using this link.
  4.  What is the Research Engagement Points Structure?
    The Research Engagement Points Structure is a grading matrix that mentions what all areas a Research Paper/ Research (Blog) Article should cover and how important those areas are in the Paper/ Blog. Remembering the points mentioned in the matrix will help you write a good Paper/ Blog.  
  1.  Is the Research Engagement Points Structure same for the Research Paper and Research (Blog) Article? 
    No. There are separate Research Engagement Points Structure for Research Paper and for Research (Blog) Article, which can be found in the Earth5R Research Internship Guide
  1.  Is Peer Review required for a Research (Blog) Article?
    No. Peer Review is only for a Research Paper.
  1. Will I get a certificate once I complete the Research Internship?
    Yes. Once you have submitted the Research Paper/ Research (Blog) Article, we will issue the Internship Certificate in 2 weeks time. 
    Please note: Your Certificate contains your unique Sustainability ID. The Certificate remains valid as long as your Profile (containing the Sustainability ID) is active on the Earth5R App.

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