G7 Countries Sought to Plug Energy Shortages and Tackle Soaring Prices while Sticking to their Climate Commitments

Environmental News from Germany:

Climate campaigners criticized G7 leaders on Monday for making no concrete promises on global warming at a summit dominated by a discussion of securing energy supplies during a global crunch caused by the war in Ukraine.

Heads of the Group of Seven wealthy democracies issued a statement agreeing to accelerate the fight against climate change while ensuring energy security, but have so far not announced any new measures at the meeting in Germany.

“Today’s statement includes vague expressions … But in the end, only real action counts,” Friederike Roder from the anti-poverty group Global Citizen said in a statement.

G7 countries, in a standoff with Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, have sought ways to plug energy shortages and tackle soaring prices while sticking to their climate commitments.

Environment groups have pushed Western powers to stay focused on climate change goals despite the war, as some European Union countries turned back to dirtier coal to meet their energy demand after a drop in gas flows from Russia.

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Source: Reuters

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