High Potential for Generating Electricity Through Rooftop Solar but Much of it Remains Untapped in Bengaluru

Environmental News from India:

  • Bengaluru has a high potential for generating electricity through rooftop solar but much of it remains untapped.
  • The uncertainty associated with rooftop solar and its payoffs deters people from investing in rooftop solar. Additionally, poor policy support is holding back the city’s ambitions.
  • Growing research on the financial returns from investing in rooftop solar and early adopters exhibiting some amount of cost savings shows some hope for tapping the potential of rooftop solar in Bengaluru.

Take a bird’s eye view of Bengaluru city. As the sun shines down on the concrete sprawl, home to more than eight million people, one can spot great potential – the potential to generate electricity.

Bengaluru has the capability to generate up to 3.2 GW of electricity just through rooftop solar, noted a 2018 survey. But the city has barely scratched the surface in tapping this potential.

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