India Ranked Last in Environmental Performance Index (EPI) 2022 

Environmental News from India:

India is at the bottom in EPI 2022, but the environment survey confuses and stifles honest discussion on climate change.

Navroz K Dubash and Sharachchandra Lele write: Methodology of Yale-Columbia Environmental Performance Index is indefensible, tone-deaf on ethics, ignorant of a long literature on climate equity, and inconsistent with broadly accepted politics.

The 2022 Environmental Performance Index (EPI), released on World Environment Day (June 5), has triggered much consternation in India, as the country is ranked last (180th). While news reports have religiously and largely uncritically reported the finding, and environmentalists might be tempted to take an “I told you so” attitude, the government has issued a fierce rebuttal. How do we make sense of this debate?

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Source: Indian Express

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