International Volunteering Internship


Earth5R offers a flexible educational internship for carrying out specific socio-environmental projects. Interns work on an assigned project related to Environmental Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship.

The educational internship includes training, mentoring, outdoor and indoor tasks, submission of project report and performance reviews. Interns will be guided by their mentor/ team leader and will receive relevant study material throughout the internship.

Your major contributions would be via the following activities:

  1. Conducting Workshops– Visiting residential areas and building awareness under Green Citizens Project, conducting workshops on sustainable living- waste segregation, rainwater harvesting, solar energy, composting, and organic gardening.
  2. Grassroots activities– Training slum residents, the underprivileged section of the society and people with special needs and disabilities into green livelihood skills.
  3. Marketing– Advocating and marketing sustainable products and solutions for green living.
  4. Researching– Researching, problem finding and building sustainable solutions to tackle local environmental issues.
  5. Networking– Writing proposals, building presentations and conducting meetings with govt. authorities, local municipalities, educational institutions, companies and non-profit organisations to achieve the target of Zero Waste India 2018.
  6. Project Management Model– Creating new project management models for different locations and understanding area specific issues.

The program combines cutting-edge curriculum, hands-on research work and real-time community work which is the core strength of Earth5R. It focuses on the business skills and community engagement that will help you develop a strong foundation.

You can help to make a real difference in the world with an environmental qualification from Earth5R. This Volunteering Internship program will give you a broad knowledge of Environmental issues, and you will develop problem-solving with real-time projects and research work.

We think you will find this  Program a bonfire of hope during the very challenging environmental problems that face humanity.

Length of program Program Fee $USD
1 week                                 $150
2 weeks                                 $200
1 month                                 $400
2 months                                 $600

Guys let us make this very clear, this will be an experience of a lifetime! We would be surely giving you a volunteering experience, however, it doesn’t end there…we would be taking you on a journey to achieve a sustainable lifestyle, not just for yourself but also for your entire community!

Embark on this mission with us to attain all the 17 SDGs with dedication, motivation and of course loads of fun.

We await your arrival to see you become a part of a bigger picture and a changemaker, making this world a better and a more sustainable place to live in!


  • Receive a certificate and letter of recommendation on successful completion of the internship.
  • Become an eternal member of the Earth5R Family!