Earth5R is a leading organization in implementing sustainable development and environmental projects. Earth5R has created the ecosystem for the world’s first fully circular economy-based sustainable river cleaning project for RiverRecycle, in partnership with United Nations Global Pulse.  

We are supported by several global governments and OECD, as well as several civic organizations. 

As the environmental sustainability market is expected to grow from USD 11.2 billion as of 2020 to USD 36.6 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 26.6%, the increasing awareness related to environmental concerns and the growing consumer and industrial interest in the use of clean energy resources is driving the adoption of green technology and sustainability solutions and services in the market.

Earth5R, being a market leader and a key player in this fast-growing industry intends to have a reasonable market share. 

We are currently venturing into citizen science and working with handling big data by monitoring environmental activity with the implementation of AI and machine learning. With the help of these systems and datasets, we aim to make environmental education more mainstream and strengthen our research concerning single-use plastics, biodiversity, and sustainable living.

Earth5R is in the process of raising funds for deploying environmental technology projects. In addition to some of the most innovative projects and market leadership, we pose a promising innovation pipeline. 

Our Areas of Action:

  1. River and ocean cleanups 
  2. Zero Waste Communities and recycling practices
  3. Plastics and Microplastic Research, and documentaries 
  4. Education, certification, and fellowship opportunities
  5. Building and promoting Sustainable Schools 

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