Earth5R, being a market leader and a key player in this fast-growing industry intends to have a reasonable market share. 

We are a leading organisation in implementing sustainable development and environmental projects. Our organisation has created the ecosystem for the world’s first fully circular economy-based sustainable river cleaning project for RiverRecycle, in partnership with United Nations Global Pulse.  

We are supported by several global governments, OECD, UN, UNESCO as well as numerous civic organisations. 

Our recently released and mobile technology driven app, the Earth5R app gives users an opportunity to enforce global sustainability conveniently guided by their smartphones. This novel innovation will soon spread around the globe as we launch the app throughout countries. In this way, Earth5R aims to expand beyond ground-level action, and instead provide a platform for thousands of other communities to collectively work towards ground-level action

Our Areas of Action:

  1. River and ocean cleanups 
  2. Zero Waste Communities and recycling practices
  3. Plastics and Microplastic Research, and documentaries 
  4. Education, certification, and fellowship opportunities
  5. Building and promoting Sustainable Schools, etc. 
  6. Providing a platform for millions of citizens to do the above

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