Learn more about the impact of climate change on your business as well as society from one of our sustainability and climate change speakers. 



A recognized expert on how businesses can build a better community by going Green and tackling humanity’s biggest challenges.

Globally recognized environmentalist and speaker Saurabh Gupta offers valuable insights on how businesses can profit by acknowledging the world’s biggest challenges.

Saurabh has delivered his eye-opening keynotes all over the world from leadership meeting of Fortune 500 companies to TED Talks.

Saurabh Gupta is a the founder of one of the largest citizen led environmental movement Earth5R. He is also an entrepreneurial educator.

Saurabh inspires audiences with tales of the world of sustainability. He educates on various topics within sustainability and opens their minds to ideas that will help them achieve their goals.

He has delivered hundreds of keynotes to audiences worldwide and is often featured as expert in major media.

Saurabh is advising several large companies, global governments and intergovernmental agencies like UN, OECD in sustainability strategy and understands the world of sustainable development.

As a professional speaker, Saurabh engages with the audience and keeps the facts fun! He has no boring powerpoints but uses visual images and lots of energy to catch the attention of his audience.


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