Making Sense of Assam Floods: Why Rivers Turned Violent in the 20th Century and How Climate Change is Making them More Unpredictable

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Arupjyoti Saikia and Jagdish Krishnaswamy write: Floods have played a key role in Assam’s ecology. But increasing human footprint has affected the ability of flood plains to absorb water and transport sediment.

This year’s floods in Assam have been merciless. In many parts of the state, both rural and urban, shoals of water drove people from their homes and forced many of them to seek shelter for their livestock. In many places, people failed to save standing crops. Granaries were damaged and mud houses were filled with sand brought by the rivers in spate. The retreating waters — before the onset of another flood cycle — could leave behind more wreckage. Ironically, however, they also offer hope for the depleted soil.

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Source: The Indian Express

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