Nature Trails & Clean-up at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

When forests grow, carbon is removed from the environment and absorbed in woods, leaves, soil and due to this property, they are considered as “carbon sinks”. Overall, the world’s forest ecosystems are estimated to store more carbon than the entire atmosphere.

We often forget that forests not only give us the oxygen we breathe but much more than that. And that, we must carry out our responsibility of maintaining its freshness, in return.

Team Earth5R, Mumbai kept the enthusiasm of the ‘nature trail cum cleanliness drive’ activities alive and kicking at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, through 2 more trails at the end of August and early September. Both the activities had unique learning experiences to offer.

The nature trails were designed and conducted with the objective of appreciating and enjoying the lush greenery and abundant fresh air of this forest ecosystem and to have a close encounter with nature in its pristine form, getting familiar with the flora and fauna in the park and learning about biodiversity.

Also, it was to respect the nature by engaging in an intense cleanliness drive, by collecting plastic and other non-biodegradable wastes by doing our little bit to restore the inherent capacity of self-sustenance and reduce the threat of toxic waste accumulation in the forest system.

On Sunday, 23rd August, an eager and enthusiastic group comprising of seven Earth5R members- Shubha Sagar, Saurabh Gupta, Sara Sethia, Sagar Kulkarni, Anmol  Hembrom,Nikita Shrawagi and Sevgi  Demiroglu along with seven residents of Raheja Estate, comprising of two conscientious mothers, Neepa Soneta, Sunita Yadav and a bunch of excited kids, Tisysa Soneta, Devam Soneta, Aarohi Yadav, Shoba Panchal, Suhani Shirsulla, set out on the trail at 8.30 am.

Volunteer Clean up Nature Trail Mumbai India Environmental NGO Earth5R
Community Clean up Mumbai India Environmental NGO Earth5R
Volunteer Clean up Sustainability Mumbai India Environmental NGO Earth5R

Constant on heels for this ‘learning with fun’ activity, Shubha Sagar and Amol Prasadi got together on 6th September to carry forward the tradition of conducting nature trails through the fourth one in the series. The two formed a strong team to conduct an intense, focused cleanliness drive, which is likely evident:

Volunteer Waste Management Mumbai India Environmental NGO Earth5R
Volunteer Clean up Drive Mumbai India Environmental NGO Earth5R

Both the trails were enthralling, fruitful and focused in meeting with the objectives of the activity. The children  were brimming with energy and enthusiasm which rubbed on to the other members. Amol Prasadi indeed was an  excellent team member. On both the trails, some of the onlookers came forward to participate in the activity  and were more than willing to click photographs for us.

Not only were the trails highly gratifying but also successful in creating an impact on the onlookers who wished to learn more about the ‘vision and mission’ of the organization and why not, after all it was an activity meant for all to ‘restore the respect for the Earth’s forest ecosystem and create awareness about the significance and self-sustaining characteristics of a forest ecosystem’.

On the whole, the nature trails & clean up at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai not only gave space to enjoy the greens but also inculcated awareness for others and a learning to carry on such deeds. 

Reported by Shubha Sagar, Edited by Pragya Lodha

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