‘One Solar’ a social entrepreneurship and women empowerment project of Earth5R.
The project focuses on eradicating energy poverty through one for one model.

For each solar panel or solar street lamp installed, a house in marginalised community in the nearby slum is given a portable Solar lamp. They are also provided with Financial literacy, Sustainable livelihood training and access to the market for the products they make out of waste through Earth5R’s creative waste management programs.

With millions of families across the country living without electricity, energy poverty an issue that receives less attention but is contributing so much to poverty and slow economic growth in India.

One Solar- Solar Street Light by Earth5R Mumbai

One Solar- Solar Street Light by Earth5R Mumbai

Putting income and energy in women’s hands can have powerful economic and social impacts on women’s businesses, their families and their communities.

Evidence shows that the income of self-employed, underprivileged women who have access to energy is over twice that of their counterparts without access to energy.

Moreover, research suggests that as women earn higher wages, there is a cascade of potential benefits to their social and economic well-being, translating to better educational, nutritional, health and productive outcomes for their families and communities.

One Solar- Solar Street Light by Earth5R Mumbai