Saurabh Gupta is the founder of Earth5R. Saurabh embarked upon this journey when he quit his lucrative job at Cafe Coffee Day India to bicycle around different countries, riding more than 50,000 kilometres in little more than two years. According to Saurabh, “Bicycling is an exercise for mind, it helped me develop voice and purpose. 

With every kilometre that I peddled an idea was being firmed in my mind.” Over the course of his journey, he felt the need of citizens involvement in sustainable development against the increasing environmental risks which inspired him to launch Earth5R. Saurabh says that ACT Global is not just a sentimental vision of Earth5R, the world needs a participative model and it’s urgent! 

Trying to change the world on a bicycle, one locality at a time. Saurabh Gupta is trying to explore and spread awareness about ways to adopt green practices. You understand how everyday living could be better with clean energy, composting, recycling and supporting the community through sustainable livelihood while turning your waste into a resource.

"I had to pedal 50,000 km in order to realise what I wanted to do. Then, I’d found the purpose of my life."


After riding more than 50,000 kilometres, Saurabh set out on the solo mission of (restoring the neighbourhood) before the others joined in and the volunteer(citizen)-led initiative Earth5R – began 


Earth5R developed a circular economy based project named A.C.T. (Action. Collaboration. Transformation) and was selected for the Young Leader India-France Program by French President Emmanuel Macron 


The A.C.T. Project was presented at the Paris Peace Forum to the Leaders of 70 nations and major Global Sustainability Organizations. Earth5R scaled up the community action to 35 countries.


Earth5R started the Citizen Science program for understanding and solving the Global Sustainability Issues and spread the change to 45 countries


Earth5R launched its Global Sustainability Hub Project. Earth5R is now driven by 50,000+ citizen volunteers from all around the world with its presence is spread to 52 countries.

Earth5R Circular Economy Project in partnership with United Nations  received 0.6 Million Euro Funding for Mithi River Recycling at Mumbai. Partners in the project include United Nations Technology Innovation Labs, VTT Labs Finland, RiverRecycle and Huhtamäki Oyj.  

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