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Join the Earth5R Remote Internship Program and gain practical experience in environmental and social sustainability. Our flexible, work-from-home internship program offers a unique opportunity to contribute to critical sustainability projects while collaborating with an international team.

We have internships that include Field Research or Content writing, centred around sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and community building, this eco-internship enhances key skills like project management, leadership, and environmental research.

With mentorship from seasoned professionals, our interns don’t just boost their careers; they become active contributors to our global mission for a sustainable and inclusive future.

The Nikola Tesla Innovation Contest, hosted by Earth5R, invites students to contribute innovative solutions for a greener planet. This contest is a unique opportunity for young minds to display their creativity on a national stage via the Earth5R app.

 Participants stand a chance to win exciting rewards, including cash prizes, tech goodies, and the invaluable opportunity for mentorship with industry experts. Winners will be honored with certificates and medals, while every participant receives a certificate. 

Students submit their ideas through the Earth5R app, where an expert panel evaluates them. This contest not only rewards innovation but also nurtures future environmental leaders. Join us in this quest for sustainable innovation!

The Green School Program by Earth5R has been launched with the mission to nurture a new generation of environmental leaders. This program is designed to seamlessly integrate sustainability education into the academic curriculum, fostering a deep understanding and active commitment towards environmental responsibility among students.

Leveraging Earth5R’s global reputation, the program offers certificates, leadership development, interdisciplinary collaboration, and community engagement, nurturing future environmental leaders. The Earth5R app enhances learning, with features like child-friendly content moderation for safety.

Students gain research skills, knowledge enhancement, and portfolio building opportunities, shaping them into responsible global citizens.

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