Know your Plastics is a global citizen driven plastic waste collection and segregation program. This Projects is based on a circular economy model,
which promotes sustainable resource management, waste reduction and ultimately repurposing or recycling of plastic. In the long run it helps in reduction of plastic being deposited into the ecosystem followed by a social and economic impact. Through this program the consumers and producers get to collaborate at a very integral level. As a plastic consumer you get to incentivize on the plastic that you decide to contribute towards the program, and as a producer you can extend your support to your active customers and recyclers. IIf you want to promote or support plastic recycling you can do your bid by volunteering in the program where you get the opportunity to be part of one of Asia’s largest science based citizen research program.

If you decide to be a part of the Know your Plastic Program, follow the registration link at

Who are the Key Partners in KNOW YOUR PLASTICS Project ? 

The key partners in know your plastics project include waste suppliers from the local communities including residential buildings, slums and under-privileged localities, small businesses who receive waste segregation training and make the waste available for recycling to Earth5R.

Our partner network also includes local municipalities and brands that generate plastic packaging waste. Brands pay for recovery and recycling of waste that supports the business model and fuels the circular economy. 

What are the motivations for partnerships?

Residents and slum dwellers get incentives for the amount of plastic that gets contributed to the circular economy. 

The project helps companies to meet the compliance targets for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Earth5R also helps the companies with third party audits and blockchain based plastic credits. 

What scale of Circular Economy are we addressing in this project?

KNOW YOUR PLASTICS Project helps optimise the production of virgin plastic and helps plastic enter the circular economy chain. This helps increase the current recycling rates.

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the circular economy development path in India could create an annual value of US$218 billion by 2030. Residents and slum dwellers get incentives for the amount of plastic that gets contributed to the circular economy. This project also helps in providing livelihood for rag pickers who facilitate the collection of plastic from the local ecosystem. 

How is this project reducing the business risk and uncertainty related to plastics pollution?

Addressing and streamlining the social, economical and environmental risk pertaining to the plastic production by the stakeholders involved. 

More companies are facing transitional, reputational, physical and legal risks from their involvement in the plastic pollution crisis and it has been widely accepted that there are serious risks for companies that don’t move fast enough in responding to the business risk associated with plastic waste.  

Companies are trying to mitigate their plastic waste generation, however because of the lack of citizen engagement, awareness and knowledge of plastic waste management they are not able to recover the waste in an effective manner. Also combined with widespread

littering in public space and poor supply chain. India has become one of the worlds highest Plastic polluters. 

Earth5R’s Know your plastic program is a robust project with a circular economy approach involving the users and stakeholders in the value chain. Earth5R also provides local infrastructure for waste collection, storage, and recycling via its partner networks. 

How does the acquisition of particular resources and activities happen through this project?

Earth5R has a widespread network of citizens, schools and colleges across the country which is being leveraged to develop the community program that focuses on creating zero waste neighbourhoods. With programs like Know your Plastic, Earth5R team actively engages the youth with clean up, segregation and recycling activities. All these programs are managed with the help of smart technologies like smart phones, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence(AI), geo tagging, data analysis etc. 

What Key Activities do our Value Propositions require?

Individual customers and consumers are required to devote time for segregation and making the waste available for recycling.

Companies – Provide resources for facilitating the circular economy model. 

Earth 5R team is involved in Program management, supply chain development and project administration.

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