How Earth5R Research Internship helps boost your career.

Earth5R Research Internship Program: Uniting Innovation with Sustainability

Earth5R welcomes you to join the prestigious Research Internship Program, an initiative that connects creativity, expertise, and commitment to build a sustainable future. Our program is designed to inspire the next generation of researchers, offering an opportunity to explore, analyze, and innovate across a vast array of fields and domains.

Inspired by the NASA Exoplanet Exploration Program Model, our internship program is not just an academic endeavor but also an expedition where young minds contribute towards real-world solutions, focusing on the Indian context.

Unveiling Research Opportunities

From Commerce and Data Science to Social Work and Teaching, Earth5R’s Internship Program provides diverse study domains. Each category, ranging across 80 distinct disciplines, offers 10 specially curated research topics that align with the needs, challenges, and opportunities of India’s dynamic landscape.

The program is a groundbreaking initiative designed to usher in a new era of sustainability through innovation and education.

At Earth5R, we believe that sustainable development goes beyond environmental conservation since it encompasses fields as diverse as History, Psychology, Humanities, Art, Sciences, Engineering, Medical, and Management.

Our aim is to bridge the glaring gap in sustainability research, fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration as well as creativity.

Collaborate, Innovate, and Lead

Engage in projects lasting from one to three months, led by a team of dedicated mentors from industry and academia. Learn, create, and connect with professionals Explore Earth5R’s Research Internship Program! Engage in innovative sustainability research to address global environmental challenges. Contribute remotely and begin your eco-conscious journey today for the purpose of exploring new horizons.

Creating Impact

Your research isn’t confined to papers and presentations. The insights and data you develop will be published on Earth5R’s website, resonating with policymakers, organizations, and the community at large. Your work will fuel policy design and decision-making, directly contributing to the betterment of our planet.

Enhancing Skills

Grow not only as a researcher but also as an influential contributor to the field of applied sustainability. Gain hands-on experience, enhance analytical abilities, and develop a profound understanding of real-world applications in your chosen domain.

Join the Community

Become part of Earth5R’s growing network of changemakers. Share ideas, collaborate with peers, and contribute to the collective journey towards a sustainable and inclusive future.

Apply Now

The Earth5R Research Internship is an unparalleled opportunity for students and professionals to be part of something bigger, something that transcends conventional boundaries. Whether you’re interested in Science, Humanities, Management, or any other field, Earth5R’s program offers a unique space to explore, create, and contribute.

Join us now in this exciting and meaningful journey. Click here to apply for the Program and take the first step towards shaping a sustainable future.

Join us now in this exciting and meaningful journey. Click here to apply for the Research Fellowship Program and take the first step towards shaping a sustainable future.

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