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It is urgently required to bring about a change in people’s outlooks towards the environment and Art is a powerful medium.

Art activates the human part in all of us. It makes us more sensitive, more human. In order to be sustainable or achieve sustainability, we all need more artists who are willing to attempt to connect the dots for making the image clearer for everyone else to see.

Over the past decade, as the global crisis of unsustainable development has become increasingly difficult to ignore (with the combined effects of climate change, massive extinction of species, etc.), the interest for ecological issues and related themes has been rising in the art worlds. In this context, Eco-Art has gained increased attention in recent years. 

Ecological art is the art with a purpose, which is created by artists who are concerned with the state of both local and global environmental situations. It helps in building awareness and responses to Ecological concerns. 

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Co-creating sustainable and regenerative relationships with nature

The main principles of eco-art are:

  • To re-envision our relationship with nature, and put forward new ways to co-exist with the environment.
  • Be concerned with environmental materials and forces, thus creating art that works with natural forces, such as lightning, water, wind, and even earthquakes.
  • To remediate and reclaim damaged natural environments, often restoring ecosystems in artistic ways.
  • To create art which informs the viewer of environmental issues, politics, culture, the historical aspects of eco-systems, nature, and its processes.
  • To create works that use natural materials.
  • To inform the public about environmental problems and ecological dynamics.
  • To creatively propose new ways for sustainability, healing, and coexistence.


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Our Eco Art Range

  • Sketches
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  • Wall Art
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  • Installations from waste
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