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Earth5R drives its sustainability project with the help of local communities and local stakeholders, Our programs drive a sustainable change by empowering communities through scientifically designed awareness and education programs that fuel social entrepreneurship, and by building a model of Action, Collaboration and Transformation or ACT Global Project.

Earth5R specialises in sustainable development, with a specific focus on women and economic inclusion.

We work with citizens in meeting needs and addressing sustainability issues that affect their local ecosystem and solving local issue using local resources and solutions. 

Earth5R awareness environmental NGO Mumbai India
Earth5R awareness environmental NGO Mumbai India

Earth5R Awareness project ACT Global focus on brings communities together and develops a symbiotic ecosystem. Residential buildings and local businesses move towards zero waste while creating a positive environmental, social and economic impact in the locality.

These hands on awareness programs include solid waste management, sustainable livelihood program for communities, Ecopreneurship, urban gardening and afforestation.


The Objectives of the ACT Global project are:

  1. Mobilize a large group of youth, citizens, businesses and government organizations to collaborate and work together to create sustainable localities.
  2. Using education to create behavioral changes, circular economy, creation of green jobs and sustainability services.
  3. Creating products and services at a local level that solve environmental issues while creating social and economic impacts.


  1. 65,000 citizen Volunteers are currently involved in various sustainability initiatives of Earth5R.
  2. The project has transformed the lives of 1.2 million families across India with the help of sustainable livelihood, helping to break the chains of poverty and address the lack of basic resources that affect their lives.
  3. .5 Million families from slums across India educated in livelihood skills so far. This includes skill training workshops in converting environmental waste into usable products that sell in the market.
  4. 2,70,000 families in slums and villages across India received Financial literacy under this project.
  5. 1,700 residential buildings in various cities of India have been converted into Zero Waste under this project.
  6. More than 250 Metric Tons of Plastic Waste is collected every month and recycled under Earth5R’s ACT Project at Mumbai.
  7. 600 Tons of Organic Waste per month is processed by Composting Units installed in various buildings in cities across India under this project creating a citizen-led decentralized waste management system.

Charity is not sustainable as it depends on donors and is not self-dependents. Considering India’s current social problems including poverty, increasing population and inequality, we need engines that are self-powered, the power that comes from a sustainable source.
Saurabh guptA. Environmentalist, founder- Earth5R

The ACT Global project presents a bottom-up approach for the green economy. The project works for long lasting transformational changes in the community. Due to its decentralized nature, ACT Global makes sure that after an ACT activity is complete, the community has become self-reliant in terms of its livelihood, waste management and energy efficiency. This proves that a bottom-up approach for the green economy is more sustainable and scalable. Governments can adopt the local ACT Global model to combat climate change in an efficient manner.

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