The Global Citizen Science Volunteering Program

Earth5R app gives you an opportunity to directly impact the most pressing environmental issues, and win exciting awards while doing so. 

We are a citizen-driven organisation with a mission to tackle the global plastic problem on a massive scale. The mission is not easy, and we need your support. We are passionate about research, action, and grassroots-level impact, and believe that through optimism, perseverance, and ingenuity we will succeed. 

We look for those who are willing to volunteer because they want to solve environmental issues by being a part of a mission, and a challenge while delivering high performance and gaining experience.

Our well-researched and scientifically guided, green outdoor activities will help you enforce sustainability in your locality.


  • Certificate of completion

  • No prior Interview and/or selection criteria

  • Sustainability Portfolio

  • Flexible work hours

  • Get started instantly

Join us on the Earth5R app’s volunteering programme to not only boost your portfolio but also impact the globe.

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