Stress Management

We live in the “age of anxiety.” Every advance we’ve made in terms of material comfort and convenience has had a shadow side. The emotional climate of modern humans is going through the same climate change planet earth is going through. Our online stress management programme helps you with a step-by-step guide to overcome stress and live a productive life.

Increasing environmental disasters and related factors are predicted to influence our psychological health. Therapists will be required to find creative solutions when working with people to maintain health and wellbeing. “An estimated 200 million Americans will be exposed to serious psychological distress from climate related events and incidents: The severity of symptoms will vary, but in many instance the distress will be great.” (Kevin J. Coyle J. L., 2011)

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Our program helps you look directly at the disturbing emotions and other problems we experience in our lives as stepping-stones to freedom. Instead of rejecting them or surrendering to them, we can befriend them, working through them to reach an enduring, authentic experience of our inherent wisdom, confidence, clarity, and joy.

A personalised plan is created for each person based on their current stress levels identified through an assessment.

We empower users to set and track goals to form healthy lifestyle habits (such as sleeping better) that help beat stress. 


Stress and the Body 

Common physical/bodily symptoms of stress include aches and pains, hypertension, stomach problems, skin irritated, and lowered overall immunity.

Stress and Emotions

People who are stressed struggle emotionally – they may often feel moody, anxious, irritable, cynical, and frustrated. They may also panic easily.

Stress and the Mind

Stress can lead to forgetfulness, indecision, poor judgement and lack of focus. People may also experience self-doubt when stress levels get high.

Stress and Behaviour

Stress can make people isolate themselves from others. Unhealthy sleeping or eating patterns, along with substance use are commonly seen as well.



Discover essential tools to relieve stress and optimize well-being.

Discover a unique blend of meditation and activities to shed the burden of fear and worry. 

In our sustainable healthcare program series our experts  offer a unique blend of meditation and activities to help support facets of daily life that many people find difficult. 5 Days to Relieve Stress and Anxiety focuses on the root causes of common anxiety symptoms, while providing tools and strategies to alleviate the negative effects of daily stress and guide you on a path to whole health.

Offering their wisdom and insights, our healthcare experts guide you through routines and habits to help you reach a peaceful, centered, sustainble way of being.

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