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Sustainability consulting 

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Accelerating the shift to a sustainable future.
Transformational strategies created with organisations. 
Collaborations created to address global challenges.


We are a leading global organisation working with business, government and civil society to solve complex sustainability challenges.
We’ve been working in partnership with business, governments and civil society to accelerate the shift toward a sustainable future. Climate change, poverty, malnutrition, civil unrest: the world today is facing complex challenges because our fundamental systems are no longer fit for purpose. 
We specialise in addressing critical global challenges by catalysing change in key systems, from food to apparel, energy to shipping. 
We do this by convening transformational collaborations to drive change, by partnering with organisations to help them lead by example, and by building a global community of pioneers and change makers. 
Together we can reinvent the way the world works.

Transformational strategies

We support the development and delivery of sustainability strategies. 
We devise strategies to help organisations tackle systemic challenges. We help organisations strengthen the effectiveness their corporate social responsibilities, bringing together their key NGO partners in a unique collaboration. 
We reinvent carbon strategies for a 1.5°C world and develop Net Positive approaches. 
We help partners deliver their strategies in the long term 
We act as an implementation sounding board and troubleshooter for companies.

System change collaborations

We help build sustainable sectors and value networks, prototype innovations and new systems, and scale up existing activities for more impact. 
Complex, interconnected challenges like poverty, water scarcity and climate change must be tackled systemically – and that’s only possible when the stake holders work together to solve common problems. As a convener, dialogue instigator and guide to practical solutions, we identify and assemble stakeholders from right across the value chain and develop areas where they can collaborate to transform not only their own operations, but entire systems. 
Maintaining these powerful collaborations draws on our ability to translate the need for system change across sectors, cultures and personal perspectives. It can be challenging work at times, but the impact it has on vital systems like food and energy is undeniable.

Equipping people to drive change

System change is hard. We help people become better change agents through our projects, partnerships, and Network, and the School of System Change. 
We are building a future that’s better for everyone, not just the few – and we do that by increasing people’s capacity to create change within their organisations, their communities and their lives. A lot of the work we’ve done over the past year has involved building the internal capacity and leadership skills of our partner organisations, sharing our cutting-edge expertise, tools, trends and insights to help them take a system innovation approach. 
The insights we’ve gained from this work have fed into the curriculum for our new School of System Change, but we’ve also enhanced people’s understanding of us and our approach to systems change.

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