Urban Sustainability

Sustainability is defined as the concept of utilising resources with maximum possible efficiency. A major goal of sustainability is to preserve the world for the future generation. Urban sustainability, in particular,  is a new concept that aims to improve a city’s social, economic and environmental conditions; ultimately improving quality of life.

Urban sustainability is achieved by proper urban planning and development. Furthermore, developing and promoting efficient public transport is one way of achieving urban sustainability for a city. Carpooling, cycling and simply walking drastically reduce carbon footprints and emissions. Moreover, electric cars are an environment friendly alternative to fossil fuel based cars. The huge number of daily commuters who use public transport facilities such as Delhi Metro and Mumbai local trains is a good indication that these cities are on the path towards sustainability

Green buildings are another means for sustainability. These buildings are structures designed to improve overall quality of life, resource efficiency, and the quality of the surrounding environment. Proper urban planning is required to ensure there is adequate and uniform green cover in the city. Through plantation drives and indoor plantation within homes, this can be achieved.

Resource efficiency is quite an important factor to achieve sustainability. Following a model of circular economy which involves reusing materials as long as possible is a favourable method to conserve resources.

Urban sustainability aims to transform urban areas towards a more greener and sustainable direction. Potholes drastically reduce transport efficiency, which inevitably leads to more vehicular emissions and fuel consumption. 

Through the Earth5R app, you will perform a pothole survey. You will walk around your locality and count the number of potholes that you can find. This way, you will spread awareness about sustainability in your locality.

Earth5R will not only share your valuable survey readings within your community, but also inform your local government, and push for change. Thus, you will directly impact the noise pollution in your locality, and improve the well-being of your community.

Download Earth5R – Your environmental app, and spread sustainability in your locality!

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