Asna Arif

Volunteer Environmentalist, INDIA

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Asna Arif is currently pursuing B.Com from Amity University, Lucknow and is a third-year student. This chirpy girl loves to meet people and has a strange interest in knowing about their lives. She strongly believes that every person has a new story to tell and a lot to teach. She is an environmental enthusiast and is often found convincing people to take care of their surroundings.

Asna’s interest lies in dramatics and has performed in other colleges on behalf of Amity University. She also enjoys reading, swimming, dancing, traveling and writing. She has traveled extensively to various countries and has an urge to explore different cultures. When it comes to writing, Asna has written for other websites like lifetippr and believes in contributing her skills as an Earth Journalist for Earth 5R would do her bit to change people’s mindsets and make them realize how miserably we are failing when it comes to protecting our mother nature. In her views, “We may be in the 21st century, but we have moved backward when it comes to preserving our environment.”

She has currently got involved with a Non-Profit Organization based in Lucknow and devotes time weekly to a shelter home for girls, teaching them.

She aims to be an Entrepreneur in the future and has a budding business of customized cards and handicrafts.

Asna is a lover of animals and is also Volunteering in the Animal Spirit Project under Earth 5R.

“Persistence Is What Matters In The End.”

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