Chen Yingshi

Volunteer Environmentalist, CHINA

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Chen Yingshi, is an accounting student from China studying in the Guangdong University of Technology, Guangzhou. There is a famous saying that goes, ‘If you don’t actually view the world, your Worldview won’t develop’ and she to be believing it firmly. In the three years of her college life, she had won a scholarship in her major subject. She loves dancing above all her other hobbies. While traveling, Chen always looks forward to touching the soul of a country, to explore it’s unique culture, people, virtues and values.

With the passion of traveling and having seen many places, she discovered the many conflicts existing in societies and cultures. She joined the project Worldview and concern in Navi Mumbai, through which she aims at understanding the youth’s thoughts and point of views from all over the world. She wants to bring some positive impact on the society and environment through her work. Chen espouses the belief that an optimistic mindset, right communication and joint efforts on concerned matters will bring about some magical changes in the world. At Earth5R, she is making her contribution through community work.

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